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Tia Chana – ambassador for young women and girls

Tia Chana empowers the young people she works with.

Tia, who is 25 and grew up in Smethwick and Oldbury, is a committed to helping Sandwell’s young people stay active and well.

She works for Powered by CAN, previously known as Creative Academies – a Sandwell organisation that delivers play sessions in parks, community centres and lots more.

Tia is a role model to children and young people through the play sessions she runs for six to 16-year-olds and the emotional wellbeing workshops she hosts for young women and girls.

Jerrel Jackson, CEO of Powered by CAN, says: “Tia uses her local knowledge and lived-experience to ensure she provides the best opportunities and experiences for children and young people to reach their potential.

“Tia’s commitment towards supporting the learning and development of over 500 young women and girls in raising their awareness of their human rights and being able to express themselves, through meaningful social action and/or build their emotional resilience through inspirational experiences.

“I am really proud of Tia for she will continue to step up and be the unsung hero to ensure the voice of children and young people are put first.”