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Kyah Givans – gymnastics star and Batonbearer

Kyah Givans from Wednesbury is always stretching herself to achieve more, despite being diagnosed with Stargardt’s Maculopathy in 2014.

This means that her vision is greatly reduced and there is the potential for her sight to get progressively worse.

But 13-year-old Kyah always has a smile on her face and never shies away from a challenge.

In 2020 she gained a place at the prestigious Queen Mary’s High School, where she has gone from strength to strength, excelling in her academic studies and in her sporting achievements too.

And she has just completed a fantastic performance in the school show.

Despite her vision, Kyah is a dedicated gymnast outside of school. She trained for rhythmic gymnastics for three years, and has recently switched to the aerial discipline. 

As part of her adaptations for education Kyah is learning Braille, in addition to her full-time education, so that she is prepared for potential sight loss. 

Kyah, your talent, dedication and commitment will be an inspiration for us all.

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Kyah Givans