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Bostin Places – The Queen’s Baton Relay is coming to Sandwell!

On Monday 25 July, Sandwell’s communities will experience the buzz of the Queen’s Baton Relay with events along the route, as part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Residents will be able to watch and cheer on the Queen’s Baton Relay. Around 120 Batonbearers – each with inspiring backgrounds and stories that you can read here on our website – will have the honour of carrying the Baton for approximately 200m through the borough’s streets and parks.

The Batonbearers were nominated in recognition of their contributions to their local community, whether that be in sport, education, the arts, culture or charity.

Sandwell Council is a proud host venue of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, with the Sandwell Aquatics Centre. It will welcome the Queen’s Baton Relay on the final leg of the Queen’s Baton journey through the West Midlands.

Sandwell is one of only a few areas in the country to have the privilege of hosting the Queen’s Baton Relay for a full day.

There are many streets and public places across the route where residents can watch and cheer the Queen’s Baton Relay.

Information on public places where you can watch the Baton is now available on the Visit Sandwell website.

And there will be special events in each of the six towns.

  • Sandwell Council House, Oldbury: Event: 7am-9am (Queen’s Baton Oldbury Relay Leg: 8am-8.32am*)
    The Queen’s Baton Relay, Sandwell, will kick off at Sandwell Council House, with a launch celebration, including performances before and after the arrival of the Queen’s Baton, and Commonwealth literature-themed activities for all ages.
  • Brunswick Park, Wednesbury: Event: 8.30am-11am (Queen’s Baton Wednesbury Relay Leg: 9.24am-10.07am*)
    The Queen’s Baton will be welcomed at Brunswick Park with a showcase of community stalls celebrating Wednesbury, and performances of music, art, dance, and culture from children and young people.
  • Victoria Park, Tipton: Event: 10am-2pm (Queen’s Baton Tipton Relay Leg: 11.02am-11.39am*)
    The Queen’s Baton will stop at Victoria Park, Tipton, with sporting activities throughout the day for Sandwell residents to take part in, and a celebration of Sandwell sports groups.
  • Haden Hill House, Cradley Heath: Event: 11am-2pm (Queen’s Baton Rowley Regis Relay Leg: 12.20pm-1.39pm*)
    The Queen’s Baton will stop at Haden Hill House for a celebration of Commonwealth stories from Sandwell residents and community groups.
  • Lightwoods House, Bearwood: Event: 1pm-4pm (Queen’s Baton Smethwick Relay Leg: 2.55pm-4.24pm*)
    The Queen’s Baton will stop at Lightwoods House and Park, with a celebration of food from Sandwell, including Forge Mill Farm Welly to Belly food activities. 
  • Sandwell Valley, West Bromwich: Event: 4pm-9pm (Queen’s Baton West Bromwich Relay Leg: 5.36pm-7.15pm*)
    The Queen’s Baton Relay will end with a parade from West Bromwich through Dartmouth Park, representing Sandwell community groups and residents, arriving at a festival of celebration with performances, fair activities throughout the evening at Sandwell Valley Showground.

Please book a free ticket for one of the six special Queen’s Baton Relay events (go to Visit Sandwell for details of events and how to book) so organisers know how many people to expect and can keep people safe.

*The timings above for each town’s Relay Leg show the estimated start and finish time for when the Baton will be in each town – including both the street and event sections of the relay route.

The Queen’s Baton Relay events on the 25 July will showcase and celebrate the best of Sandwell. There will be performances, culture and sport from community groups, artists, performers, schools and residents as part of the Shine a Light Festival through the following themes:

  • Common Ground: Celebrating Commonwealth Communities and our links to the Commonwealth
  • Journeys That Matter: Making better communities, space and ways of living for tomorrow and championing sustainability
  • Untold Stories: Showcasing people, projects, and places that have an inspiring untold story.
  • Digital Innovation: Celebrating innovation, engineering, and technology
  • Youth: Keeping young people at the heart of our celebration
  • Sporting Excellence: From grass roots to elite athletes.

The Shine a Light Festival will end two weeks of events and activities throughout the Commonwealth Games, at the Sandwell Valley Showground, and some other event locations in the borough. There will be events, activities, stalls, food and drink, and a fair every day during the Games.

There will also be some temporary impact for residents and traffic as the Queen’s Baton Relay passes through parts of the borough and stops at each event location.

Road closures will follow the Baton as it moves across Sandwell and closures will be lifted as soon as possible after the Baton has moved to the next leg. A full list of road closures and times affected will be published online from 11 July.

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