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Shree Krishna Mandir, West Bromwich celebrates 50 years

Historic Shree Krishna Mandir Celebrates 50 Years in West Bromwich

Sandwell isn’t the only 50th birthday that’s been celebrated recently. West Bromwich’s Shree Krishna Mandir, one of the oldest Hindu Temples in the West Midlands, recently marked its 50th anniversary too.

The Temple features a unique black marble deity of Lord Krishna, the only one in the UK, alongside a white marble deity of Radha, the consort of Krishna. These deities have been central to the community for five decades, symbolising unity, faith and resilience.

In 1992, a fire devastated the Temple, melting the steel roof, yet the deities miraculously remained unscathed.

The original Pran Pratishtha (infusion of life) ceremony for these deities took place on 22 June 1974, in the converted Ebenezer Church on Old Meeting Street. To honour this milestone, the community hosted an unforgettable three day celebration this June with a ceremonial procession, music, song and dance, community blessings and special rituals. The celebrations concluded with a fun day, great street food, games, Dhol drumming and family activities.