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Marcia M. Spence – Saluting Our Sisters

Marcia is the director of Marcia M Publishing House Ltd.  

The company grew from her bed to reaching and serving over 150 authors across the UK, USA, Jamaica and Europe.  enabling them to publish their books in five years. Marcia M was dubbed The Authors Midwife by her clients because of the tender care and encouragement she gives them to birth their books. Not only that but reaching the masses with her inspirational messages of hope through her blogging and speaking.  

Marcia’s company has written, designed and developed books and also an app for West Midlands Police. Designed an autobiography specifically to be presented to the queen for one of her clients and has developed an academy for writers. Each year, Marcia sponsors children to write and publish their books and distributes copies to local causes.  

Marcia M has also supported an influenced the development of at-least three new publishing businesses in her network, through mentoring support and the sharing of information.  

Marcia’s life has touched many. She is a speaker, broadcaster, blogger, a memoirist, published bestselling author and a coach for writers and female leaders. Marcia M is the executive producer of Marcia M TV and the On the Couch with Marcia M show. 

Marcia M. Spence is a woman who has battled through anxiety, depression and two nervous system illnesses, Trigeminal Neuralgia (facial pain) and Fibromyalgia (chronic pain and fatigue).  Both illnesses have caused Marcia’s life to change dramatically, because of their debilitating effects. 

Marcia has cared and advocated for her ex-husband who has battled with drug addiction and serious mental illness for over 30years despite their separation of 25 years.  Alongside raising their three children.   

Marcia’s life and work have attracted awards: The Star of All Stars 2015 – Lift Effects. Author of Colour 2016 – Black Excellence Awards. Black Woman of Birmingham Recognition Award 2017. Books for Peace Humanitarian Silver Ambassador Award 2022 and a Prestigious Wise Women Awards in 2022. 

In 2023 Marcia has served the New Testament Church of God ministers UK wide publishing, theology, and memoirs.