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Joe Broughton – helping people through music

Joe Broughton who lives in Smethwick, has been a director of The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s Folk Ensemble for 25 years, which is the largest of its kind in the country with between 80-100 musicians.

This is largely due to Joe who is a selfless, educational leader.

All music is learnt by ear, which gives anyone with less technical ability a chance to join in and many build confidence from this.

His enthusiasm and encouragement mean participants can express themselves and their culture.

Such is his passion, that Joe devised a way during COVID through Zoom to keep the Ensemble practising and competing in an online festival against other professional acts.

In 2009 he led a project for 120 disadvantaged children in East London, has created musical pieces and performances that have sold out. He masterminded another project for Music for Youth.

His devotion to helping people through music and achieving fantastic results is outstanding.

Because of this Joe has been awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) that recognises the outstanding contribution people make to enrich, support and make their local communities a kinder, better place.

Congratulations Joe!