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Harvey launches book encouraging young people to get active

Young writer Harvey will launch his new book on keeping active at two Sandwell libraries next week.

Harvey, who is in Year 9 at St Michael’s CE High School, has written Keeping Active is Fun with his mum.

He’s on a mission to inspire his local community by writing a book for primary school children showing in a fun and relatable way the importance of healthy living.

And on Monday (24 October 2022) he’ll be launching his book officially. Anyone is welcome to go along to his book launch events. He’ll be at Blackheath Library at 11am and Oldbury library at 2pm. Amazing!

Harvey says “I decided to create some characters and with the help of my mom we have written this children’s story book aimed at primary school children. The characters have messages to deliver which include encouraging kindness, getting more active and eating healthy.”

Harvey’s hobbies include playing football, table tennis and basketball.

He adds: “I hope my book will encourage children to play a sport or try different sports and have fun while keeping active.”

Sandwell’s Public Health team have teamed up with Harvey so every primary school will shortly be receiving copies of the book which will hopefully inspire young children across the borough to get active.

Earlier this year, the latest Sport England survey showed that children in Sandwell are on average the most active in the West Midlands and fourth most active in England. The percentage of Sandwell’s children meeting physical activity guidelines has risen significantly over the last four years, to the current high position in 2020/21 with 59.7% of children meeting the target despite the disruption of the pandemic.

Harvey’s school is part of the Rowley Regis Learning Community, which consists of 11 primary schools together with St Michael’s C of E High School. The community created an annual physical activity and sport programme featuring training sessions for primary school teachers accompanied by resource packs for each activity, as well as competitions and events for all 11 primary schools held at St Michael’s.

The scheme also featured leadership development for St Michael’s students and an introduction for the primary school pupils into a range of activities including yoga, dance, mini tennis, dodgeball and handball amongst others.