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Finley Wharton – Oldbury schoolboy donates hundreds of Christmas presents

Finley Wharton, aged 14 has donated more than 40 Christmas presents to Sandwell Children’s Trust.

Finley, who lives in Oldbury, got in touch with the trust to see how he could help children less fortunate than himself to make sure they had a present to open this Christmas.

A month later, Finley dropped off the gifts to Sandwell Children’s Trust where they were more than gratefully received.

Finley Wharton said: “I have always wanted to help others and want to help those less fortunate as I know some children don’t get much. I feel it’s important that we share as much as we can to make Christmas a special time for everyone.

“I put out an appeal on social media and was shocked by how many people wanted to help. This included teachers at my school. There have been individual donations including some that helped last year.  My work has been recognised by my local Co-op store in Brandhall who have also helped with donating presents. 

Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, Chair of Sandwell Children’s Trust, said: “What a star you are Finley. Thank you for thinking about helping children less fortunate than yourself and for all the work you put into making it happen.” 

This is not the first time Finley has used his entrepreneurial skills to help children at Christmas. Last year he donated his pocket money to buy chocolate gifts and managed to gather donations of more than 250 selection boxes that were distributed through his school, Perryfields Academy. Finley’s parents are very proud of him. His mother, April Neal, said: “His wonderful efforts and generosity will mean that children who may not otherwise get a present will have a gift to open this Christmas. Finley makes us proud every day with his caring nature.”