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Errol Ramsey – Inspiring memory, feeling and nostalgia

Errol Ramsey is using his own story to help others.

Errol’s mother and father moved to the UK from the Jamaica, The West Indies in 1960, a year later Errol was born. They moved around from Hockley to Handsworth with Errol now living in Oldbury.

Errol has created a sensory space with a West Indian decor theme inspired by his late mother,

Took a look inside Errol’s West Indian themed room…

Errol’s Mother and Farther

Located in Errol’s house, the room is designed to help inspire memory, feeling and nostalgia. After renovations, Errol has hopes for this room to be used in the future. To not only help people diagnosed with dementia or who use Sandwell Community Dementia Service, but for all who are seeking a safe space. This may include older adults in care homes who may not be comfortable with their surroundings.

In tribute to his mother, Errol has used a lot of his family’s furniture in the room.

Errol also has plans for the room to be enjoyed by all generations and would love for it to be visited by schools providing a space for the younger generation to step back in time!

Errol said: “The front room was created in remembrance of my late mother, I remember growing up in this sacred room. I’m excited to see how the room will help groups of older people with dementia, and will be a chance for them to be in familiar surroundings as they reminisce.”

Errol in his younger years